The general dentistry services of Dr. Krasowski in Wausau, Wisconsin will not only give you healthy teeth and gums, but are the first step in obtaining a beautiful, head-turning smile.

Dr. Krasowski is committed to helping you find the right treatment to address and correct any problems you have with your teeth, leaving you with a healthy, beautiful, and dazzling smile.  Dr. Krasowski’s general dentistry practice utilizes the most state-of-the-art procedures and techniques, including:

To support you in maintaining your dental health and appearance, you need the services of an experienced general dentistry practitioner with cosmetic training that makes general dentistry look that much better. Unlike many dentists, Dr. Krasowski has expanded his general dentistry experience and training into the fields of cosmetic dentistry and neuromuscular dentistry. This breadth of knowledge makes Dr. Krasowski an ideal choice for addressing all your dental needs.

Dr. Krasowski is skilled in performing both general and cosmetic procedures and is committed to putting those skills to work for you in giving you your smile for life. Take advantage of Dr. Krasowski’s exceptional training, knowledge, and eye for an aesthetically pleasing smile, and schedule your general dentistry personal consultation today. While located in the Wausau Area, Krasowski Dental conveniently serves the surrounding areas of Rhinelander, Stevens Point, and Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.