Cosmetic Dentistry; Veneers- Chair Side Veneers

Composite Chairside Veneers B Before Composite Chairside Veneers B After

Chair side Veneers are hand sculpted restorations to help rejuvenate and create a healthy smile. Along with Dr. Krasowski’s incredible artistic talent he uses the highest quality material available to produce these natural looking and healthy restorations.


Cosmetic Dentistry; Veneers- Chair Side Veneers

Composite chairside veneers A BeforeComposite chairsides veneers A After

Chair side veneers can also be used as a transitional restoration, if clients are not ready for porcelain veneers. Dr. Krasowski’s advanced artistic techniques can create a smile that looks healthy and aligned in one visit.


Removable Prosthetics (Dentures)

Dentures BeforeDentures After

Dr. Krasowski uses special technology and top of the line materials to create a beautiful smile and increased function of the denture. Dr. Krasowski’s teaches neuromuscular dental training at the Las Vegas institute for Advanced Dental Studies; he uses this knowledge in his fabrication of dentures to increase a client’s airway and sleep habits.


General Dentistry: White Fillings

Fillings silver upgrade 1 Before Fillings silver upgrade 1 After

Silver / mercury fillings expand over time and cause the tooth to crack. Dr. Krasowski uses advanced techniques along with a high quality, non-metal filling material, to restore the tooth to its natural healthy state.


General Dentistry: White Fillings

Before silver 1 After silver 2

Dr. Krasowski restores teeth with old leaking silver fillings with the highest quality material available, Dr. Krasowski’s techniques increase the longevity of the filling. Dr. Krasowski teaches this technique to the 1% of dentists who continue their training after dental school at one of the highest institutes available to dentists. (The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies)




Dr. Krasowski is certified through the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and has had advanced training in BOTOX® treatment.


Neuromuscular Dentistry:

NMD 1 before NMD 1 After

Neuromuscular Dentistry is used to treat many cases; it is frequently used at Krasowski Dental to treat clients with TMJ.  This particular client in the photo struggled with headaches and a misaligned bite.  At Krasowski Dental we have the technology to relax the facial muscles and calculate the position of the jaw where the muscles are comfortable and headaches and jaw pain subside.  Dr. Krasowski also like to call this a “face-lift without surgery” notice when the clients jaw is in its correct position, in the after photo, her face it much longer, her lips are symmetrical and her head alignment is improved.


Neuromuscular Dentistry:

NMD 2 Before A   NMD 2 After A

NMD 2 Before B    NMD 2 After B

When teeth are misaligned and the facial muscles are not in their relaxed state, teeth grinding and clenching can occur.  In this particular case there was significant damage to the client’s teeth due to grinding.  Neuromuscular dentistry was used to find the relaxed state of the muscles, and calculate a healthy biting position.  The client’s teeth were restored giving him a healthy rejuvenated smile, taking years off his life.



Orthodontics 1 Before    Orthodontics 1 After

Orthodontics is typically used to align teeth and close gaps between teeth; Dr. Krasowski takes orthodontics to the next level and in addition monitors the airway and proper bite position. Using the knowledge he teaches at the Las Vegas Institute and very special less noticeable orthodontic brackets, Dr. Krasowski aligns teeth to their optimal position taking into consideration the client’s bite and airway.



Orthodontics 2 Before   Orthodontics 2 After

Our client’s say they chose our office for orthodontic because of Dr. Krasowski’s extensive training, and his attention to detail. Dr. Krasowski goes above and beyond the normal orthodontic treatment to give our clients a smile they want to show off.


Cosmetic Dentistry: Porcelain Crowns

Restorative 1. Before A   Restorative 1. After A

Dr. Krasowski restores teeth that have been damaged due to misaligned bite, trauma, and decay. With Dr. Krasowski’s extensive training and top of the line technology and materials, he has the ability to restore teeth to a natural-looking, healthy and aligned state.


Cosmetic Dentistry: Porcelain Crowns

Restorative 2 Before A    Restorative 2 After

Dr. Krasowski has helped many clients with misaligned bites that can cause pain and discomfort in many areas of the body such as headaches, neck pain, jaw pain and restricted breathing.  Dr. Krasowski’s advanced training and technology assist him in restoring smiles to health while working to relieve patient’s discomfort.


Cosmetic Dentistry: Porcelain Veneers

Veneers 1 Before    veneers 1 After

Metal crowns can cause an allergic reaction to the gum tissue, turning the gum tissue a dark purple-blue color.   Dr. Krasowski has an eye for detail and uses the highest quality of non-metal material available to create beautiful natural looking restorations.