There is a rapidly emerging awareness of sleeping and breathing disorders. Sleep studies are being done more frequently, and people are realizing that there are solutions for their nighttime snoring and frequent waking. Sleep apnea is a breathing disorder which occurs due to the narrowing or total closure of the airway.

The gold standard solution for sleep apnea and snoring is the CPAP. While the CPAP can be a fix for some cases, it isn’t the stand alone solution. With advanced studies, Dr. Krasowski is able to fabricate a custom oral sleep appliance to solve some, or all, of these issues over time. The oral sleep appliance is a far more superior choice for many patients; it is non-invasive, comfortable, isn’t constrictive like the CPAP, no more cords, mask or loud noises.

Using our state of the art technology, Krasowski Dental uses a unique sleep apnea treatment. By measuring and recording your muscles in their proper relaxed jaw position, Dr. Krasowski is able to measure you for the oral sleep appliance. This is not your typical mouth guard. It is a custom fabricated, adjustable, professional device. The appliance keeps your jaw forward in its proper position while you sleep, allowing your airway to remain open.

After wearing the sleep appliance for a few weeks, Dr. Krasowski will send you home with our in office take home sleep study. This study will measure your apneas, pulse, oxygen levels and snoring episodes. Dr. Krasowski can then analyze this information to make adjustments to your appliance to help you reach the optimal result.

Are you sick of snoring? Sick of your annoying CPAP machine? Recently diagnosed with sleep apnea? Contact Krasowski Dental today to schedule your sleep appliance consultation. While located in the Wausau area, Krasowski Dental conveniently serves the surrounding areas of Rhinelander, Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.