The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) is the premiere post-doctoral training center for advanced diagnostic, occlusal, and aesthetic dentistry in the world. The scope of available courses has spread to the spectrum of all areas in clinical dentistry as well as practice management. Only the top 1% of dentists in the country have had extensive training at LVI. Dr. Krasowski is one of these dentists. Dr. Krasowski has not only completed continuing education at LVI, he is also an instructor.

Dr. Krasowski has done post-graduate dental training at LVI, indicating he has enormously expanded his knowledge and experience as a cosmetic and a neuromuscular dentist. By gaining all of this additional knowledge, he can offer you far more than just general dentistry. Dr. Krasowski can provide superior solutions to your smile imperfections. From porcelain veneers and tooth whitening, to an entire smile makeover, Dr. Krasowski has the knowledge and skill to change your smile.

Dental continuing education is one of the most critical components to consider in selecting a dentist for care. Every dentist took a similar set of programs in order to become a dentist, however from graduation the paths that are taken are very different. The reality is that on graduation, the dentist has displayed proficiency in the basics of dentistry. That is necessary, but not sufficient to become an exceptional dentist and unfortunately far too many dentists don’t pursue their continuing education aggressively enough. By continuously attending education courses and being an instructor at LVI, you can be sure that Dr. Krasowski is always providing the most advanced training and knowledge in each dental procedure.