Because he believes that good dental health starts in childhood, Dr. Krasowski’s practice also extends to pediatric dentistry services.  Dr. Krasowski’s practice is designed to:

  • Teach good habits.  Children that are taught good dental hygiene and habits early are more likely to follow those habits for life.
  • Catch any problems early.  A dental evaluation early in a child’s life will help to predict and prepare for any dental challenges to come.  Ideally, it can help prevent those problems from occurring at all.

In addition to helping children, early dental visits can help parents learn what to expect in normal development and what problems to watch out for.
Give your child a head start on good dental health, contact Dr. Krasowski today to schedule a pediatric dentistry consultation. While located in the Wausau Area, Krasowski Dental conveniently serves the surrounding areas of Rhinelander, Stevens Point, and Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.