What is neuromuscular dentistry?
Neuromuscular dentistry is a broad term applied to those techniques that expand upon the more traditional approach to dentistry that is more mechanically oriented.  Neuromuscular dentistry aims to fix your bite so that the muscles that control your jaw position are at their best for optimal function and comfort.

How are neuromuscular problems treated?
Because the goal of neuromuscular dentistry is to correct your bite and realign your jaw, Dr. Krasowski will determine the best position for your jaw by measuring the relaxed position of your head and neck muscles.  He will then use state-of-the-art technology to reposition your jaw to meet those exact measurements.

Is neuromuscular dentistry for me?
There are many options to consider when you are choosing your dental treatment.  After evaluating your particular situation, Dr. Krasowski will discuss those options with you.   Neuromuscular dentistry may be an option if you are suffering from TMD symptoms or to aid in establishing your bite for the placement of dentures.

What are the benefits of neuromuscular dentistry?
Neuromuscular dentistry will help decrease pain and discomfort, as well as promote better overall oral health and longer lasting dental restorations.
If you are in need of a neuromuscular dentist, contact Dr. Krasowski today to schedule your personal consultation in Wausau, Rhinelander, Wisconsin Rapids and Stevens Point, Wisconsin.